About The PIXchange


Your Private Access to Private Investments 24 Hours a Day.

The Private Investment Exchange (PIXchange) is an Online investment Portal for those seeking to sell or purchase Private Mortgage investments. We are one of Canada’s longest running Private Mortgage Investment Portals and seek to be the #1 Canadian Online source for Private Mortgage Investment Options.

With a solid history of supplying alternative investments to investors going back to its founding in 2009, with its Original offerings primarily focused around mortgage investment solutions secured by real estate. These mortgages were originated through our Original Founding parent Company Obsidian Mortgage Corporation, and individually purchased and owned by our investment members.

Our Founding PixChange Members have over the 7 years enjoyed great success with the investments they purchased using Pixchange.

In early 2013  Merit Valor Capital Asset Management Corp had made an agreement to acquire the Pixchange platform and create a joint venture with Obsidian Mortgage Corporation to expand its current line of mortgage investment services to our members by the addition of  mortgage administration services.

“The Pixchange” vision was also to facilitate for any seeking to invest and enjoy the income stream that mortgages provide, with many of these opportunities in the same marketplaces where these investors live.

These investments represent an opportunity for our members to participate and invest in local markets in their neighborhood. The Mortgage  investment opportunities go through a thorough assessment and due diligence process, and generally earn quite competitive returns in recent years in relations to the public markets. The due diligence process involves (but is not limited to) ensuring details of each mortgage are confirmed and verified with documentation, and third-party involvement, and (where possible) we internally do a thorough inspection of the underlying security/Asset involved, this information is available to our members for review.


About Obsidian Mortgage Corporation

Obsidian Mortgage Corporation is a Mortgage Brokerage Company provincially licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (“FSCO”) located in Toronto, Ontario. Obsidian Mortgage Corporation is responsible for the pre-screening,underwriting, and facilitation of all private mortgages that are sold on the PIXchange Private Mortgage Platform.

As a Mortgage Brokerage, Obsidian Mortgage Corporation is responsible to assess the suitability requirements and for all those who purchase and have access to The PIXchange – Private Mortgage Portal.

About Merit Valor Capital

Merit Valor Capital is a mortgage administrator, and nonbank lender licensed with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (” FSRAO).

Richard Samuels is currently the original founding managing director with majority controlling interest in Merit Valor Capital Asset Management Corporation, Obsidian Mortgage Corporation, and The PIXchange.