Private Mortgage Investor Member (PM)

Are you an  individual or corporation looking for higher yields on your fixed income investments?

The PIXchange offers you alternatives to what is currently offered by traditional sources with mortgages secured by individual real estate.

Even If you are not new to the idea of private mortgage investing, we strongly recommend you check out the following pages:

What are Private Mortgage Investments?

What are the risks with Private Mortgages?

PIXchange members gave access to review, and purchase private mortgage investments via The PIXchange – Private Mortgage Marketplace, within the PIXchange platform.

We also would suggest reviewing the following pages:

What are Private Market investments?

What are the risks associated with investing in Private Market Investments?

PIXchange Mortgage Investor Members (PM) also are able to purchase up to $10,000 in Private Market investments via The PIXchange – Private Mortgage Marketplace within the PIXchange platform.

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