What is the PIXchange?

PIXchange is an Online Peer-to-Peer portal or Virtual Market place where Investors are able to purchase Private Mortgage Investments via a Virtual Private Mortgage Investment MarketPlace.

Pixchange provides an easy-to-use online resource portal that allows its members to purchase and bid on private mortgage investment opportunities not currently available at you bank and major financing institution. This platform allows both the accredited and experienced investor to find and handpick Private investments in their area of interest, or residency.

This also simplifies the management and purchasing process involving mortgage investment opportunities currently exclusively originated via Obsidian Mortgage Corporation. We at the PIXchange in no way would ever recommend purchasing any investments without doing your own personal due diligence, however we make all efforts to ensure you have all the necessary details and information to decide whether or not a particular investment is suited to your liking or investment preferences.

The  investments are validated and go through a thorough due diligence, appraisal/assessment process,including a careful review and inspection of all necessary documentation before it is presented to our members.


Private Mortgage Investing

If you’re new to the idea Private Mortgage Investing, you may want to take the time to discuss your financial situation with a licensed Obsidian Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Investment Consultant to get an idea of how PIXchange and our Private Mortgage Investment systems works, and to further understand the risks and rewards when investing in private mortgage investment solutions.

For those seasoned investors who are familiar with mortgage investing you will find that the PIXchange delivers sophisticated and quite aggressive due diligence and real estate evaluation/Appraisal processes to ensure that the mortgage investment solutions offered meet a standard criteria.

All investors receive full disclosure in regards to each investment offered, and have access to review all pertinent information applicable before deciding to purchase.

All Private Mortgage investments are secured against local real estate property,and written to title directly. Because selections are based on local preferences and global speculation, private mortgages are generally sheltered from the volatility of global markets.  Although past performance should not be taken as a reflection of future performance (especially in the world of investments-see risks here) over the years, many of our members have enjoyed returns that would make your local bank, or credit union investment specialist jealous.

So what’s the catch? How much does this membership cost?

PIXchange Membership is absolutely free, we do believe however, that private mortgage  investment is not for everyone, and seriously recommend you carefully review the risks and rewards of mortgage investing,and discuss them with an Obsidian Mortgage Professional.  Investments may be RRSP/RRIF eligible, Accredited investors are qualified for suitability requirements and accepted, upon approval. For questions about eligibility and acceptance please feel free to contact the Principal Broker of Obsidian Mortgage Corporation, and managing Director of Merit Valor Capital, Richard Samuels directly at 416-283-4735 ext.111, or  by email, or you could simply fill out our Online Registration Form. Once You have registered you will be given access to our Member Information Form which will be used to complete your membership.

Once the registration form is reviewed, we will contact you directly, and refer you to the appropriate representative to speak with based on your membership.

We pride ourselves on the fact that this platform will indeed have enough for almost anybody seeking information for, looking to purchase, participate or sell Private Investment options.

Please feel free to browse this site for more detail and once you are ready, feel free to sign up for a test drive.

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